I found out that there’s nothing in my life that I like more than taking an idea and seeing if you can turn it into something. Shaping something from an abstraction into something concrete. And that’s actually part of being a consultant [on The Americans]. Part of that was learning how to play well with others.

I would like to be a part of you doing the thing that you want to do, participating in a project that you think has value.

Joshua Brand

My name is Kamil and I’m 39 years old. Long time ago I studied philosophy and it had a big impact on how I see the world today. A few years ago I decided to start writing my blog in English which is a big challenge for me but: The only man who makes no mistakes is the man who never does anything (Theodore Roosevelt).

So I am asking you for your understanding. Any comments will be important to me. My English is still very average but I hope that will improve over time.

Philosophy and logic are not appreciated enough today. Teaching criticism and rationalism should be very important nowadays. Unfortunately, with a few exceptions this does not happen. It would seem that in the age of Internet access, scientific truths, rationalism and criticism should have their golden age.

Poland is a country in which there was no freedom for several decades. The country was controlled by the Soviet Union. From 1989 democracy began to develop. My whole youth took place during the continuous democratization of the country – which of course was a positive experience. In 2004, Poland became a member of the European Union. I believe that the European Union, despite its weaknesses, is one of the greatest social achievements of humanity.

Unfortunately, in 2015 populists came to power in Poland. They began to ruin all democratic institutions. In my opinion our society has not matured to democracy. Decades of communism, social disparities, and the weakness of democratic institutions have led to terrifying consequences. Public media in Poland have turned into media of propaganda. The judiciary began to be controlled by politicians. For me it is a very painful experience.

Populist rhetoric is present today almost all over the world. This is due to the disappearance of the traditional intellectual hierarchy. Social media gives everyone the opportunity to speak and it seems fair. Unfortunately, this egalitarianism of expression has its terrible consequences.

Despite their many advantages, social media have become a powerful support for regimes, politicians, and for their army of Internet trolls.

Freedom of speech is not the freedom to speak any nonsense but taking responsibility for the word. This is how journalism once worked in countries where there was freedom.

We live in times of bloggers and „YouTubers” often amateurs in some field who are more popular than professionals e.g. scientists. Simple uneducated people prefer to listen to YouTubers rather than subscribe to scientific magazines. This is of course understandable but very dangerous.

The fall of scientific authority is largely an effect of social media development where truth and reliable knowledge often it’s not as attractive as nicely decorated nonsense.

I wanted to start writing in English because Poland is moving away very quickly from liberal democracy. In Poland, very few are aware of how quickly we lose our freedom.

I’m a big fan of the Northern Exposure series and Dave Matthews Band lover!